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Saturday, Aug 13, 2011

It's been almost three years....
and now in two weeks from today....

"Saturday 27 August is the date of the fifth OPEN AIR festival, when AIR Antwerp opens its cellars and gardens. The Belgian OHNO COOPERATION - a joint venture by the
artists Jan Lauwers and Maarten Seghers - will introduce artists from all over the world. OPEN AIR #5 will be an unprecedented and radical evening of performance and music, with video, sculptural, musical and performative works by the residents taking part, all of them internationally‐renowned artists and musicians.

After three years on walkabout, the American cult band Peeesseye will also be coming together again for the first time during OPEN AIR #5. Fritz Welch (vocals & percussion), Chris Forsyth (guitar) and Jaime Fennelly (harmonium, electronics, keyboards, tape) set up this legendary group in Brooklyn. This band has been described as "the most
remarkable smorgasbord of back‐porch minimalism, sound poetry and urban decay of recent memory" in Signal to Noise Magazine and "post‐everything" in The Wire
Magazine. They bring their own utterly individual sound face to face with that of the OHNO COOPERATION and the artists taking part.

A unique opportunity, a radical alternative, and in any case a vibrant clash of minds, images and sounds.

At the request of AIR Antwerp, OHNO COOPERATION (Maarten Seghers & Jan Lauwers) invited 8 artists in residence. The artists chosen ‐ Michael Fliri, Pontogor, Rachel
Lowther, Nicolas Field, Idan Hayosh, Mind Over Mirrors, Roberta Gigante and Fritz Welch ‐ are from the United States, Brazil, Italy, Israel, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and they are working on the basis of mutual confrontation and total solitude in Antwerp from May to October 2011."

@ AIR Antwerpen, Sasmeesterwoning Royerssluis Oosterweelsteenweg 3, Antwerp 27 August 2011 - from 7 pm on


contact & booking: info[at]peeesseye[dot]com